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EOI: 50MWS Project – Assistant Content Developers





  1. Background

The   East  African   Community   (EAC)  is  a  regional   intergovernmental   organization comprising the Republic of Burundi,  the Republic of Kenya, the Republic of Rwanda,  the Republic of South Sudan, the United Republic of Tanzania  and the Republic of Uganda. The EAC Secretariat Headquarters  are located in Arusha, Tanzania.

The   EAC  mission  is  to  widen  and  deepen  economic,  political,  social  and  cultural integration  to improve  the  quality  of life of the  people of East Africa through  increased competitiveness, value added production, trade and investments.

Article 5 of the EAC Treaty provides for gender equity, gender mainstreaming  in all EAC Projects and Programmes and the enhancement  of the role of women in cultural,  social, political, economic and technological development.

The  African  Development  Bank  is  collaborating  with  COMESA,  EAC  and  ECOWAS through  the  50  Million  Women  Speak  (50MWS)  Project  to  create  a  dynamic  Digital Networking   Platform  for  women  entrepreneurs.   The  Platform  will  enable  women  to connect  with  one  another  in  ways  that  will  foster  peer-to-peer  learning,  knowledge exchange/transfer,   mentoring   and  the  sharing   of  information   and  knowledge  within communities,  and  provide  them  with  access to trade  finance  and  market opportunities between urban and rural  areas, and across borders and between countries.  In  addition, the  Platform  will enable  women  to develop  market intelligence  skills  to stay  abreast of business  development  trends  within  their  contexts,  regionally  and  globally  to  ensure sustainability  of their businesses.  The  Project is implemented  in 38 countries  belonging to COMESA, EAC and ECOWAS.

The Project is expected to achieve among others, the following results: increased access and use of financial services by women entrepreneurs;  increased participation of women entrepreneurs  in business  networks; availability of statistics on women in business; and increased access to national and regional markets. Subsequently,  the Project is expected

to contribute  to the economic empowerment of women entrepreneurs  through  the use of the platform for business development.

To ensure collection, development and management of content on information needs and services for women in business, for the Digital Networking  Platform in respective Partner States, Project Country  Teams  are being established  in each Partner  State made up of representatives    from   the   Public   Sector,   Private   Sector   and   Civic   Society   i.e. representatives  from Ministries responsible for Gender, Trade,  ICT, Youth,  EAC Affairs, Private   sector,  Women  Associations,  and  membership-based   entities  working   with women  in  business  or  enterprise  development.   The  Project  Country  Teams  will  be supported  by two  (2) Country  Content  Developers – a Lead Content  Developer and an Assistant Content Developer in each Partner State.

This  is  an  opportunity  for  highly  motivated  and  results-driven   professionals  who  are citizens of the East African Community  Partner States (Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda,  South Sudan,  Tanzania  and  Uganda)  to  apply  for  the  following  opportunity  tenable  at  each Partner State.

  1. Recruitment of an Assistant Content Developer in each Partner State

The EAC – 50MWS Project would like to recruit an Assistant Content Developer from each Partner  State  to  support  the  Project  Country  Team  in  content  development  for  the Platform. The  Assistant Content Developer will be resident within the Partner  State and will work closely with the respective Project Country  Team and Lead Content Developer to gather information and develop relevant content on information needs and services for women in business to be uploaded on the Digital Networking Platform.

  1. Duties and Responsibilities of the Assistant Content Developer

The   Assistant  Content  Developer  will  script,  curate,  summarize,   originate  and  edit compelling,  relevant  and  clear  content  on  financial  and  non-financial  services  to  be uploaded on the Digital Platform to help women entrepreneurs  grow their businesses.

They  will  develop  tailored  content,  ensuring  it responds  to  the  needs  of the  targeted audiences  as  well  as  help  track  success  and  make  data-driven  decisions  for  content changes.

Working  with the  Lead Content  Developer, the  Assistant  Content  Developer, in liaison with the  Project Country  Team will be largely  responsible for  information gathering  and content    development    for   the    Digital   Networking    Platform.    Specific   roles    and responsibilities will include,  but not be limited to the following:

  • Liaising with the Ministry of Gender to identify informational products or content to be featured in the platform;
  • Developing an editorial calendar of content to be developed based on the identified information needs;
  • Developing relevant original content beneficial to women entrepreneurs;
  • Collaborating  with the  Project  Country  Team  to  continuously  identify  sources  of content and develop appropriate content;
  • Developing  content  that  is informed  by  country  specific  information  needs  and services to enhance  prospects of ownership  and sustainability;
  • Ensuring  content  is developed within the set timeframe;
  • Ensuring  the content gathered is validated by relevant authorities;
  • Assisting the  Lead Content  Developer in coordinating  the  Project  Country  Team for all 50MWS Project related activities;
  • Assisting the Lead Content Developer in coordinating content revision and updates ensuring  that the content on the Platform is relevant  and up-to-date;
  • Refining  and  improving  content  basing  on  feedback  and  analysis  of  platform performance;
  • Liaising with the  line Ministries/Agencies, National Gender Machineries  including both the Private Sector and Civic Society;
  • Curating   content   related   to   women   economic   empowerment   initiatives   and repurpose to suit the target audience;
  • Continuously  identifying  topical and business trendy  content beneficial to women entrepreneurs  and develop relevant content;
  • Developing content of different formats and styles  to deliver unique  and delightful experiences for platform users.
  • Promoting  the  Project  through   participating  in  national  events  which  focus  on women economic empowerment;
  • Working      with      outreach      teams      at      country      level      on      outgoing communications/messages
  • Producing   content   (through   articles,   infographics,   images  or  videos),  which highlight success stories;
  • Partnering  with  all  stakeholders  to  ensure  issues  related  to  platform  use  are captured and channeled  to be addressed (allowing  women users to find solutions to common platform use issues)
  • Providing  capacity building  and  technical  support through  a combination of both hand-holding  and tuition-based  transfer  of knowledge  to members  of the  Project
  • Country  Team  regarding  content  gathering,  development  and  packaging  and
  • eventual  dissemination;
  • Coordinating field visits with Donors, media or with any other delegation
  • Developing simple, easy-to-understand,  user friendly content;
  • Writing and submitting  country  reports and statistics on the project;
  • Acting as a careful custodian of the 50 Million Platform brand, representing it to an audience;
  • Performing  any  other  activities  related  to  content  development  assigned  by the Lead Content Developer who will be the Team Leader;
  • The  right candidate will be passionate about working with others, “translating”  technical concepts into simple, easy-to-understand  content.
  1. Reporting

The Assistant Content Developer will report to the Lead Content Developer but will work closely with the Project Content Manager at EAC.

  1. Skills and Competencies

The  ideal candidates  should  demonstrate  and  provide  examples  of past similar  tasks undertaken  in content  development  for websites, portals  and/or related media channels at national  or  regional  level.  They  must  be creative  thinkers  to  conceptualize  content. Experience  in knowledge  management  will be highly  desirable. They  should  be able to stay  up-to-date  with  developments  and  generate  innovative  ideas to  draw  audiences’ attention.  The  candidates  should  have  a  good  understanding   of  challenges  affecting women in business as well as various sources of content required for the Platform in the respective  country.  Applicants  must  be  citizens  or  natives  of  respective  EAC Partner States from  which  they  will be applying  for these  positions. They  should  preferably  be having  knowledge  of local languages, cultural  backgrounds, administrative  systems  and government  organization structures.

He/She should have  the following  skills and competencies:

  • Excellent writing, editing and presentation skills;
  • Ability to synthesize information  from multiple  sources  and translate  it into creative and engaging digital content;
  • Data analytics  skills in collection, interpretation and reporting;
  • Ability to  independently  plan,  direct and  evaluate  all  the  content-related assignments;
  • Excellent command  of English both written  and oral  for  English speaking countries  and French both written and oral for French speaking countries; (knowledge of both French and English will be an added advantage).
  • Comfortable writing for multiple  audience  segments, using  differing voices and tones;
  • Able to collect, summarize and interpret data insights;
  • Experience with women economic empowerment projects will be an added value;
  • Knowledge of Content  Management  Systems  and social media platforms. This  includes  understanding   of  content  limitations  and  the  pros/cons  of different CMSs and platforms;
  • Good knowledge  of  PC-based  software  programs  for  word  processing, spreadsheets, presentation and databases
  • Ability to work in a team in a multi-cultural environment;
  • Ability to multi-task  and work irregular and long hours;
  • Knowledge of Search Engine Optimization and web traffic metrics will be a plus;

6. Academic Qualifications and Experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree       in       Communications;       Marketing;       Business Administration/Management;      Journalism;     Information     Science     and/or Management;    Communications   Management;   IT   Management;    Finance; Economics or any related or relevant fields;
  • Minimum 5 years’ relevant experience (as seen from previous assignments);
  • Experience in Digital marketing will be an added advantage;
  1. Evaluation Criteria

Evaluation of the above qualifications and experience will be done based on the following criteria and scores;

  • Academic qualifications relevant and suitable for the assignment:  30%
  • Adequacy for the assignment as described in the TOR (previous relevant work experience): 50%
  •  Skills and Competencies as per ToRs (Language, knowledge of local conditions, computer  applications usage, etc): 20%
  • Total: 100%

The  Consultant  will  be  selected  in  accordance  with  selection  of individual  consultant method  and the  eligibility criteria, establishment  of the  selection procedures  shall be in accordance with the  “African Development Bank’s “rules and procedures for the use of consultants “May 2008 Revised July 2012”.

  1. Duration of the Consultancy Assignment

This assignment has a duration of 12 months  with possibility of extension  subject to the need, availability of funds and satisfactory performance by the Consultant.

  1. How to Apply

Interested   consultants   must  provide  information  indicating  that  they  are  qualified  to perform  the  service. Expressions  of interest in English  must be sent to the  following  e- mail addresses; wkaremera@eachq.org with a copy to wmuyenzi@eachq.org not later than Thursday,  27th September 2018 at 2:00 P.M GMT.

In the email Subject line, please make sure to include  the following  text “Expression of Interest for the position of Assistant Content Developer for ………………. (Mention the country).


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